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Bit of history

In the early 1950s, egg waffles firstly appeared in Hong Kong and have since become a popular street snack. People back then didn't want to waste broken eggs which could not be sold to customers, so they created the egg shaped iron machine and blended egg with milk and flour to make this meaningful and tasty waffle.

About us

We all love food, especially fresh, homemade egg waffles. We would like to bring you the memorable street snack, redesigned with local ingredients. The first bite is crispy, then the softness inside will melt in your mouth...

How does it work?

After the machine is heated, pulling in the magic batter, flip it over and... just wait for the bubbles to happen!


19th November 2017

It's a couple #bubblewrap :) #Repost tanya___us ・・・ Life is sweeter @Bubblewrap_LDN.…

18th November 2017

Nuts feast! Hazelnut for Saturday treat ;) #Repost @ploychavaporn ・・・ Bubble wrap @…

17th November 2017

Ah ha ;) POP IT UP and hot drinks combo available from next Thursday ❤️ it's a winter special 😍…


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